In Character

Octopus Programme

Open Up

PUBLICS is an educational resource where critical learning, knowledge production and discursive programming are integral to its curatorial approach. At PUBLICS, contemporary art production, and discursive practices are in constant dialogue through its multiple learning strands. Taking the form of PUBLICS Library, and its public programmes of Talks, Events and Commissions, these overlapping strands are organised alongside PUBLICS YOUTH programme, placing art education, critical research and publicness at the centre of curatorial practice.

In Character is developed between PUBLICS, Index Foundation (Stockholm) and PRAKSIS (Oslo): three small-scale organisations dedicated to collaborating with young people to curate new models, formats and modalities for future publics.

Octopus Programme is a guided, research-based educational programme which encourages artistic research and production-based collaborations between academies, art institutions, students and professionals.

Open Up is a four year cultural project (2020-2023) co-funded by the Creative Europe programme, promoting underrepresented artists and cultural workers. Open Up is a partnership between seven distinct organisations from seven cities across Europe.

In Character hosted a conference at PUBLICS in the Autumn of 2021, where aspects of the publication and podcast content were developed. Photo by Noora Lehtovuori.