PUBLICS is delighted to announce the recruitment of the first PUBLICS YOUTH Advisory Board; a new long-term education and employment opportunity for Helsinki based 18-21 year olds. This annual role offers young individuals experience of curating contemporary art and opportunity to implement their ideas as to how PUBLICS and the wider field of arts and culture can provide young people with better access to the creative field now and in the future.

After an extensive outreach period, we are excited to welcome and begin working with our new board members: Anastasiia Lapteva, Erika Ryppieva, Manda Loipponen, Róza Turunen, Valeriia Masliukova-Malova and Vanessa Uhlbäck. Beyond contributing towards our programme in Helsinki, the group will continue our ongoing collaboration In Character, with the Teen Advisory Boards at Index Foundation (ITAB) in Stockholm and PRAKSIS (PTAB) in Oslo.

Some words about our board members:

Anastasiia Lapteva is a young multimedia artist based in Helsinki, currently studying Fine Arts in the University of the Arts Helsinki. She is interested in themes such as the perception of truth and reality, interactions between art and the audience and identity in times of new technologies.

Erika Ryppieva “Like all good fruit, the balance of life is in the ripe and ruin.” (Alt-J)

Manda Loipponen enjoys cinematography, photography, colouring and music.

Róza Turunen is a Finnish-Czech artist and activist living and working in Helsinki. They are interested in beauty, kitsch, euphoric and ecstatic feelings. In their work, they seek to express and deal with personal experiences of reality such as human reliance on spirituality and explores this through the boundaries between corporeality and spirituality. Materially, Roza uses plastic in their sculptures, as they feel its futility crystallises something essential about human nature and ideology. Currently they study at Art School MAA.

Valeriia Masliukova-Malova has participated in the art field for many years and her work has been featured in art competitions in both Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia. Currently she is graduating from college with a specialism in media and visual expression. Her interests lie in the mediums of graphics, sculpture and installation.

Vanessa Uhlbäck has a multidisciplinary background covering history, art history and theology. Her education has had a large impact on how she perceives the effects of art and how it can be used as a tool to express new ways of viewing society. She is fascinated how art can work as a medium for expressing the messages of both artists and curators.