Opening hours:
Open every Wednesday 1–7pm


PUBLICS Library is based on following categories:

— Philosophy: Art and Publicness
— Art Theory, Criticism & Histories
— Public Art Theory & Practices
— Curatorial Theory & Practices
— Group Exhibitions
— Artist Writing & Interviews
— Biennials & Large Scale Exhibitions
— Solo Exhibitions & Monographs
— Art Journals, Series and Magazines
— Small Catalogues
— Research, Institution, Education
— Archive Files by Subject

PUBLICS Library is a public research space dedicated to critical social thinking, learning and education – a place for coming together, discussing, reading and thinking about contemporary art and its many publics. The library is dedicated to representing and challenging the many concepts, theories and practices of curating contemporary art and publicness. Library is open to the public every scheduled Wednesday or by appointment. Books are available to read, to study and to browse on site. The Library’s bibliography will continue to be catalogued, indexed and made available online for reference. PUBLICS Library is designed by Julia.

Image credits: Noora Lehtovuori