Please be kind and respectful to others while visiting, speaking or otherwise occupying the space. No forms of oppression, othering, and discriminations are accepted. Do not make assumptions of the ethnicity, sexuality, gender etc.

Most events are held in English–unless otherwise stated–which means the working language is also English. Often the events are documented, please contact the staff in case you do not want to be photographed. Feel free to come in and join during any time of the event, also feel comfortable to use the toilet in the backspace or leave at any time.



Sturenkatu 37-41 4b
00550 Helsinki – FI

Pre-booking required for the Library. Please email the staff for reservations. Availability between 1–7pm on Wednesdays.

We are located on the ground floor on the corner of Sturenkatu and Kangasalantie in Vallila. The main entrance has a 4cm threshold and heavy door with 93cm opening leading to a small hallway space. The next door, leading into the main space, is lighter with similar dimensions.

The (non-gendered) toilet being only 52cm width doesn’t meet accessibility standards. The nearest accessible toilet can be found at bar Morris (Mäkelänkatu 30) within 250m from Publics.

We are happy to offer assistance to enter the space. Please contact us with question about accessibility.