SHAPE Helsinki Art Map is a website resource for Helsinki’s contemporary art landscape, a mapping of art spaces and public events across the city. SHAPE is a useful tool for local residents and visitors to navigate the diversity of Helsinki art scenes and to find out what’s happening, where and when. SHAPE highlights current public events, spaces, times and locations. Users and visitors can browse upcoming activities as well as find out more about their initiating organisations. SHAPE is organized around eight main categorizes of activity: Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Initiatives, Museums, Publications, Supports, and Workspaces:

• ‘Events’ gathers spaces currently organizing and hosting a variety of discursive events and talks related to contemporary art.

• ‘Exhibitions’ lists spaces focused on the display and presentation of exhibitions of contemporary art.

• ‘Festivals’ highlights established art-related, public, and perennial events happening during a limited period of time.

• ‘Initiatives’ collects organizations initiating and hosting a range of art-related events without a dedicated physical space.

• ‘Museums’ shows large-scale institutions presenting contemporary art, generally with an entrance fee.

• ‘Publications’ combines libraries, independent publishers, editorial initiatives, art bookstores, virtual and physical spaces.

•‘Supports’ brings together agencies and support structures providing information, events and funding for Finnish and non-Finnish speaking cultural workers.

•‘Workspaces’ presents spaces focusing on making, working, producing such as studios or workspaces for artists, fabricators and makers.

Initiated by PUBLICS with support from Kohta, SHAPE is maintained by PUBLICS and is one way of supporting more than 100 small to medium-sized organisations locally and connecting them to each other and to their audiences.