More than ever, we need to look after each other and to take care of ourselves. How can this spirit of care constitute a productive way of working together institutionally, organisationally, curatorially?

Since the Autumn of 2018, PUBLICS has given space within its curatorial program to the work of others, and to those individuals, initiatives and organisations who are in need of space to practice and to support the realisation of their projects publically. Within this structure of Parahosting, Publics takes on the role as parahost and the guest is referred to as a paraguest. Ever since PUBLICS has continued to be the parahost to other people, bodies and ideas, and be taken over and on multiple levels as a way and means of decentering its organisational activities. Parahosting is now an on-going program strand, a practice of listening and taking care of paraguests, para-sites, and para-institutions. It is an exploratory workspace for other curatorial initiatives supported by PUBLICS.

Parahosting is an essential means of working together without predetermined boundaries or containment. Whereas ‘para’ work is often being conceived of as operating away from, alongside or supplementary to ‘main’ work, we wish to propose Parahosting as being central to how we can work, and as a progressive terrain for organisational praxis that both operates within the curatorial paradigm and retains a destabilizing relationship to it via (para-) texts, sites, works and institutes.


PUBLICS is open to proposals to use its space, its staff and available resources throughout the year. We don’t work with open calls but a brief expression of interest in advance of any proposal is appreciated.

 Proposals should fit with PUBLICS curatorial mission / that fit into our program strands to bridging art and publicness. — Find out more

 Parahosting intends to be flexible and supportive of many different events and projects. — Find out more

 Parahost provides use of its space rent-free and resources for an agreed limited period of time.

 Knowledge, time, help, existing equipment, platforms and other infrastructure of the parahost are available for free.

 Parahosting program is co-produced and both, the parahost and the paraguest, share their thoughts, hopes, objectives, questions in the process.

 Parahost aspires to be a safer space for all its visitors. — Find out more

 Parahost expects all paraguests to work ethically, fairly and respectfully, and to approach/ support all its invitees equally. — Find out more

 Paraguests are expected to determine their audience and do the event promotion: invite their own invitees, audiences and guests.

 Paraguests provide promotional material. This material will be used for mainly social media and PUBLICS website if not otherwise agreed.

 Paraguests agree to help set up the space, install the needed equipment, and help make the space welcoming and set up according to their needs.

 Refreshments, drinks and snacks will be agreed beforehand to ensure it’s appropriate to each event. Alcohol is not served as a default.

 Paraguests are responsible to help clear, clean and leave the space as they found it.